In our opinion, the Tourmaline is the “Queen of all Gemstones”! It is certainly the most colorful, being found in a huge variety of shades. Their different hues are simply amazing, yet sometimes hard to define. This is due to the complex “color zoning” in each and every stone. Detecting the truest beauties requires skill, experience and a whole lot of patience.

Color bonanza

The name tourmaline originated in Sri Lanka. Ancient traders referred to the gem as “turmali”, meaning “stone of mixed colors.” Tourmaline comes in all the colors of the rainbow, although pink, green, and blue (indigolite) are the best known. Interestingly, the same stone can carry two or more color shades within itself. That’s why we love them so much!


When searching for the best tourmalines, our buying team focuses on quality and color. For us, however, quality does not necessarily mean perfection. In our view, small inclusions and subtle color nuances bring a stone to life. Natural imperfections give each tourmaline a personality and a unique character.  

Mohs scale of mineral hardness: 9 (diamond = 10)

A match made in heaven

This unusal combination of green tourmalines touches our heart. The wonderfully dark green cabochon gem and her equally gorgeous facetted sister complement each other just beautifully. Add a splash of diamonds with a Stardust ring, and the dream team is complete...


Tourmaline crystals are found as granules or pebbles in alluvial stream sediment. 

Major countries of origin include Brazil, Namibia, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Madagascar. 

Jewelry with Tourmaline


Finding the right Bron jewel

Bron offers a huge array of gemstone types and shades, as well as many varied designs – almost all of which come in three colors of rose, white and yellow gold. Since our choice of products is endless, this website can only present a certain part of our collection.

You have a particular gem with a certain design in mind? We invite you to visit your local Bron jeweler. They offer great advice on all combinations possible.


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