Pink opal

Our pink opal has a story to tell. Unearthed by a quake in Peru, it was discovered quite by chance - its preciousness only emerging on closer inspection. Due to immense temperatures deep within the earth, the surface of the raw gem appears bubbly. In its final state, the color is often referred to as “angel skin”, alluding to the soft pink and delicate tone that gives it a dreamlike quality.  

Color range

Color range

Opal gemstones are generally known for their  multiple colors and amazing luminescence. Pink opal, however, is monochrome with a soft pink shade and just a tinge of white. 


Our gemologist team discovered this treasure at Groh & Ripp, our supplier in Idar Oberstein, Germany. Captivated by its uniqueness, we engaged their best gem cutters to transform the beautiful “rough” into stunning shapes for our jewels. The result was two new drop pendant forms that perfectly reflect the femininity of this gem. 

Hardness 5.5 to 6 on Mohs scale (sapphire = 9, diamond = 10)

The Blossom Collection

Delicate pink opal was an ideal “highlight” gem for the softly colored Blossom Collection of Spring/Summer 21. The pendant and drop earrings  became its outstanding pieces.



Opal is typically found in Australia and Ethiopia. However, our particular pink opal was discovered in Peru when an quake unexpectedly threw this treasure to the earth’s surface.


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