Few gemstones radiate more warmth than citrine. Its shades, ranging from honey to orange or cognac, are just like liquid sunshine. The golden glow of this sunny stone complements the brilliance of yellow or rose gold with diamonds just perfectly. Citrine earrings – be they transparent or opaque - flatter every skin tone, and light up your face with a radiant sparkle.

Sun on your skin

Citrine’s most common shades range from pale yellow to bright orange and Madeira red. A classic yellow color is very rare in nature but can be obtained by heating amethyst (from the same quartz family) to over 500°C.

Citrine was discovered around 500 BC. In Ancient Greece, it was believed to bring good luck. In Feng Shui teachings, it is also associated with abundance and the joy of life. Like sunlight on the body, citrine is said to be a source of energy and to stimulate creativity. 



Citrine belongs to the macrocrystalline quartz family and gets its name from “citrus”, referring to its lemony color. The presence of iron oxide in the mineral creates very fine hues. On the Mohs scale, citrine has a hardness of 7 (diamond = 10).


This season, citrine enriches our Spring/Summer '22 collection with its sunny and versatile color palette. Since we have a preference for the orange-yellow spectrum, we mainly opt for golden or honey-colored citrine. Inspired by its glow, our designers created elegant designs that work beautifully with rutile quartz and pink tourmaline, for example.



Citrine is found in the same alluvial deposits as amethyst, but in smaller quantities. The most significant mines are found in Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar, in the Russian Ural Mountains and Namibia. 


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