London blue topaz

London Blue topaz has long been a firm favorite among Bron customers. It’s a stunning, deep blue gemstone at a reasonable price. Blue gemstone alternatives such as sapphire, spinel and tanzanite find it hard to compete!


Blue topaz comes in both light and dark shades. The light color is known as Sky Blue. The darker tone – London Blue – is sometimes described as being “steely” or “inky”. As with all blue gemstones, the more saturated shades of London Blue tend to be higher priced.


Our gemstone team sources London Blue topaz from high caliber suppliers only. Buying from trusted partners is critically important as the London Blue color is achieved by exposing natural, colorless topaz to heat and radiation. Its spectacularly deep blue color is the result of strict and meticulous treatment processes changing the way the topaz crystals absorb the light.

Mohs scale of mineral hardness: 8 (diamond = 10)

Just wear it

London Blue Topaz is the ultimate eye-catcher. Its deep blue shade is very powerful and yet somehow rather romantic. This color comes out beautifully in any kind of cut, be it facetted, cabochon or random. London Blue Topaz is a hard stone. Rest assured you can wear your Toujours Ajour ring day in day out without any risk of damage. Still, you’d better take it off for heavy-duty gardening…


Fortunately, natural topaz is available in abundance, which helps keep its price at a reasonable level. Major deposits are found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, USA, India, and Myanmar.


Finding the right Bron jewel

Bron offers a huge array of gemstone types and shades, as well as many varied designs – almost all of which come in three colors of rose, white and yellow gold. Since our choice of products is endless, this website can only present a certain part of our collection.

You have a particular gem with a certain design in mind? We invite you to visit your local Bron jeweler. They offer great advice on all combinations possible.


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